As cool as these bikes are they can not be tagged in N.C.We can only sell them with a 49cc auto shift motor which gives them scooter status and scooter power and speed So with that being said when we sell out we will not be reordering
                                                                  Thank-you 1822 MC.
Why be a loser and ride a scooter??
When you could ride a Hardknock!!     
     "HARDKNOCK " by KIKKER 5150

   Always remember use good judgement and common sense when riding a motorcycle,obey all traffic laws,and dress proper for your ride and wear a helmet.And BY ALL means have FUN!!!

  ***Legal disclaimer these bikes are sold as 49cc scooters they are not a bike with a title that can be tagged  Also the 1822 Motorcycle Company assumes  ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY for your Stupidty or lack of Respect for your bike and rules of the road.Please seek out Motorcycle safety and training classes in your local area.***  
1822 Motorcycle Company LLC
          3751 N.C. Hwy.58
               Stella N.C.
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CliKIKKER 5150 is the mother company for the HARDKNOCK  bobber 1822 MC is your local dealer
Billy Anna II
1822 Motorcycle Company
3751 Nc Highway 58
Stella, NC 28582