Custom Johnny Pag  Pro Street 2009
this is a sweet little bar hopper $3999.00
We also stock 50cc scooters and Custom 150cc Retro scooters
This page was last updated on: September 1, 2012
2009 Pro Street -Sold
CRF 50-sold
07 S40  sold
08 custom Spyder sold
06 HD 1200 gone
Email or Call for current stock our website is always out of date.Sorry about that just the way it is,We are up to speed on Facebook most of the time check there too for the latest. We always have projects in the making check out the projects links for current list.Please note a cash deposit can move a project to the head of the line.
Projects are listed under the "rat " link
2011 chicken picken 2nd place in alt. class
 Even though it`s a show bike it is not street legal in N.C. While street legal in some states just NOT N.C.
this is a one of black rat KIKKER 5150 Hardknock Bobber,,  2007 serial #4 yep 4 th one made 16 0`s and a 4.
2007 Custom KIKKER 5150 Hardknock Bobber
Please note that while Knocker is for sale it is not street legal in N.C. it may be legal else where just not here.If your not local please check your local laws first .Asking $2250.00

08 Local Show winner sold